IoT x GPS x Cloud

We believe love and safety is priceless. Nothing can make up for the lost grief of families. By using the Internet of Things and GPS technology, we can be a guard for our families from now on. When they need help, giving assistance in the first time to protect the safety of our families. Traceez Technology promises to create more advanced GPS device and new application for the better life and future of our loves.

Professional GPS/GSM / WIFI Application Provider

Traceez Technology is studying deeply at market trends and customer needs over ten years, and trying to provide our clients with the best experience. On latest product, our R&D integrate software, hardware and many users' feedback for providing more convenience and sufficient service. We wish to bring our customers convenience and various experience of real life by IoT technology.

Simple is Smart

Anti-theft/Fleet Management

Vehicle tracker for professional fleet management.With small and compact design.

Dementia People/Children/Traveling records

With small and compact design, our mini tracker fits for elder, teenager or child.

Mini Outdoor Carrying Tracker

Oops, do not miss to protect our furry families.

Free APP
Easy to get location information

Support to monitor and remote-control multi-devices, APP holder can watch and set up the locator at any time.