SafeTrek Pets GPS Tracker


Free APP

Free download, use and easy to operation APP.

Small, Light, Easy to carry

Easy to install, lightweight and does not take up space.

Ingress Protection Rating

Don't worry about the water. IP67 would keep the device work even in the water.

Power Saving

When not moving or not used, it will automatically enter the power saving mode, increasing the device usage time.


Geofence function enable you to set up a safe zone. Once your family is out of the safe zone, you will receive an alarm on your smartphone.


Have you ever forgot the road with you has gone? Now, you don't have worry anymore. App can review past history.

Real Time Location

Know the location of your caring ones. No worry anymore.

Device Status Notifications

When the device settings are changed, low battery, or other alarms, you can get push notifications on the mobile device.

Easy to installation

It can be easily placed on pet clothes, pet harness or pet collar.

The best choice for guarding your pets.