SafeTrek Defender GPS Tracker

SafeTrek Slim GPS Tracker

SafeTrek BuddyII GPS Tracker

A new car is an important asset for us.
Protect your car with the iCar GPS Tracker to avoid the risk of loss.
TRACEEZ’s SafeTrek GPS Tracker not only provides warning push notifications,
but also provides driving coordinate record so you can find your car back faster.

SafeTrek Mini GPS Tracker

Avoiding the get lost or accident of young children or older adults is an important issue for many families.
Traceez offers a variety of lightweight, simple, and waterproof GPS solutions to help you focus on your family more easily.
If you like, you can let more people help you with your family. Make your family safer.

SafeTrek Mini GPS Tracker

Have your pet ever forgot the way home?
Or do you want to know where they have played recently?
Let you care for your pet without worry.